Desktop Repairs To The Board Level

As high-powered computing gear becomes more accessible at the home and office level, the temptation to spend a bit more on individual parts can lead to some expensive failures. Motherboards, video cards, and processors costing hundreds of dollars each aren't easy to replace, and if you're out of warranty or dealing with refurbished equipment, getting a free or low-cost replacement isn't an option. To troubleshoot and repair burnouts on specific components and various boards, take a look at how computer electronics repair professionals can help. Read More 

Power Drains & Low Battery Pains: 3 Ways To Keep Power Supplied To Your Phone In The Backyard

A power outlet may be just inside your home, but keeping a cell phone by your side in the backyard while you're lounging or gardening is ideal for making calls, browsing online, and using a variety of apps. Instead of going all the way inside to charge your phone and staying out of the backyard, you can find solutions that make things a lot easier. The following three products can help prevent low battery drainage and allow you to have continuous power to your cell phone. Read More 

Creating Your Ultimate Basement Game Room: Ideas For You

When you decide to remodel or redecorate your basement, you may decide that the time has finally come to design and create that basement game room that you have always wanted. However, what you may not know is how you are going to get started and what to include in your game room. Get to know some of the items that you may want to include in your ultimate basement game room to help get you started designing yours. Read More 

Safety Tips When Using An Outdoor Power Cord Extension

Outdoor power cord extension cables provide a convenient way to bring power to outdoor electrical appliances. If you are planning on doing some outdoor projects or repairs that require electrical power, it may be wise to invest in an outdoor power extension cord to help power your working tools and provide lighting. However, you need to always keep in mind the following safety tips while using power extension cables to prevent electrical accidents. Read More 

Thermal Imaging Cameras Can Help Firefighters

There are several obstacles that firefighters run into when they are fighting fires. One problem is that there are hot spots left over from the fire. Those hot spots can later flare back up and cause the fire to start again. Another problem is low visibility. Smoke can make it hard for firefighters to see what they are doing. There is one tool that firefighters can use to help with both problems. Read More